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Boji Bay Ice Arena

Adopt a Piece of the Rink





You can help finish the Boji Bay Ice Arena facility. With a donation of  only $100, you will be entitled to sign our rink board and become a permanent sign of support.  

Click the rink image to adopt your square or contact Amy Radcliffe.


Only $46,000 to go to the Goodenow match. 

If you'd like to support the campaign to complete the Rink of Dreams, contact Sharon Hoerichs, or donate online by clicking the red button.

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    Thank you website sponsors!
    You can order your $100/year sponsorship here.




    Boji_Blizzard Boji Blizzard Hockey Boji_Blizzard


    Boji_Mammoths Boji Mammoths Hockey Boji_Mammoths

    All programs offered at the Boji Bay Ice Arena are managed by the Lakes Area Hockey Association.
    Our mission is to create, nurture, and sustain ice-related sports and recreation programs that teach and improve skills;
    to foster sportsmanship, teamwork, and enjoyment; and improve fitness. These programs are financially accessible and
    meet the needs and interests of participants of all ages and skill levels throughout the corridor.